We will be honored to help you with heating either by building a new chimney or in the reconstruction of an older chimney. We solve the connection of the stove, we can also build and connect fireplaces.

The quality and technology of construction is affordable while maintaining the highest standards.

We have been building brick and stainless steel chimneys and fireplaces for more than 15 years. The unique chimneys of the CIKO company, from which we mainly take sets, allow the connection of any appliance and can be used for all types of fuels. 

All our constructions, reconstructions and deliveries of materials are a guarantee of long-term satisfaction and comfortable heating._.

We offer chimneys that can be used in the headquarters of your company, in a family house or in a cottage. We build only from components with high durability and a long tradition.

For an approximate overview, you can also see the gallery of our completed chimneys and fireplaces.